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June Snapshot

  • In partnership with NHVic we are working with a group of providers on identifying advocacy issues for a state election campaign

  • Met with the ACFE Board and other peak bodies to share information on current challenges and achievements of the sector

  • Followed up with DET on advice for Learn Locals who are transitioning the provision from VCAL to VCE. The recommendation is to seek advice and support from the VCAA

  • Participating in a working group with MEGT in the development of a scholarship for women to access further education and training

  • Working hard on the design of the new ACEVic website, stay tuned for the launch date

  • Contact Tamsin to register for the ALNPP or the ALNPP Koorie module in semester 2

  • Organising an Executive Exchange session for ACEVic members with guest speakers Chris Lombardo Bridge Darebin and Paddy McVeigh PRACE, tips on building relationship with local MPs

  • ACEVic has been meeting with members 1:1 to hear opportunities and challenges and provide specialised educational delivery advice. Reach out to Tamsin if you would like to set up a meeting or provider visit

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