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Enhance Blended



The EBTL was a professional development program for pre-accredited educators who were experienced in blended delivery and wanted to enhance their skills and knowledge and be a source of expertise to colleagues across the sector. This program was an initiative of the Adult and Community Education (ACFE) Board.

The program provided practical and 'real-life' demonstrations of effective blended delivery and learning. Over five interactive webinars participants engaged with subject matter experts and contributed to facilitated discussions with experts and peers.

Orientation to blended delivery
  • The difference between blended and online delivery

  • The components of a blended delivery model

  • Benefits of a blended delivery mode?

  • Success factors for blended delivery

Presenter: Pauline Wilson

Expanding blended delivery skills and knowledge
  • Checklist for blended delivery

  • Expanding your blended delivery using e-tools and e-techinques

  • Easily accessible e-tools 

  • Leveraging alternative learning environments 

  • Strategies to expand blended delivery

Presenter: Allison Miller

Intro to best practice in mentoring in adult and community education
  • Best practice in mentoring

  • Participants presentations of blended delivery models

Presenter: Chemene Sinson

Making blended delivery work for ACFE cohorts
  • Adapting blended delivery

  • Strategies to engage learners in the online environment

  • Tools and strategies for engaging specific cohorts

Presenter: Daniel O’Hara and Michael Chalk

Intergrating technology to blended delivery
  • Tips and tricks

  • Examples of ACFE online programs

  • Online technologies to substitute face-to-face activities

  • Applying adult learning principles to blended delivery

Presenters: Josie Rose and Jodie Whitehurst

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