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March Snapshot

March 2024 snapshot from ACEVic

  • Meeting with Chelsea Bishop Minister Tierney’s adviser- informal chat (issues raised).

  • Member conversations regarding ACFE non-payment, advocacy directly to the ACFE division DJSIR.

  • Conversations for members provider that focused on potential future changes and their implications to the Pre-accredited sector.

  • Collaborative meetings with representatives from TAFE to be able to support partnerships with Learn Locals.

  • Supported multiple members by attending providers ceremonies that opened up an opportunity to discuss directly with stakeholders-DJSIR staff and ACFE Board members about the current climate in ACE sector.  

  • Continued work to strengthen connections for learner between TAFE and the Learn Local sector 

  • ACEVic continues to meet with members 1:1 to hear opportunities, challenges and provide support, in particular in relation to the advocacy of the sector. 

Reach out to Nina if you would like to set up a meeting or provider 

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