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November Snapshot

  • Worked with Julia May Visibility Co and the ACEVic Board in the development of a new vison and strategic plan for ACEVic. Stay tuned for the release date.

  • Launched new ACEVic website

  • Met with Shae McGregor Gippsland TAFE to discuss sustainable provision of ACFE programs in East Gippsland

  • Attended the Gippsland ACFE Board Sustainability Co-design workshop facilitated by Management Governance Australia

  • Liaised with Ballarat Drug Court to support the provision of literacy and numeracy training by Learn Local providers

  • Met with Maria Peters Chair ACFE Board to exchange ideas, challenges and successes across the sector

  • Liaised with Jeanette Nagorcka and sought advice on the requirement of providers to retain learner’s private details in light of recent cyber security breaches across Australia. Jeanette confirmed providers are required to only record the documents sighted when determining eligibility for program participation.

  • ·Delivery of final ALNPP Professional Learning Network live event. Recordings of all sessions are available online for the ALNPP alumni

  • ALNPP and Koorie module professional development programs finished for 2022

  • Tamsin continues to offer 1:1 support for ACEVic members. Reach out to Tamsin if you would like to set up a meeting or provider visit

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