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Literacy & Numeracy PD

ALNPP Adult literacy and numeracy practitioner program

Adult Literacy and Numeracy Practitioner Program is a professional development for pre-accredited educators to improve their knowledge and skills in adult literacy and numeracy practices.

The program implements an important part of the ACFE Board’s Strategy 2020–2025. The ALNPP was developed by Adult Learning Australia (ALA) and Adult and Community Education Victoria (ACEVic). ALA and ACEVic continue to coordinate the delivery of the ALNPP.

What's covered?

The ALNPP takes a minimum of 20 hours to complete and includes:

  • Putting adult learning theory into practice 

  • Unpacking adult literacy and numeracy theory 

  • Using the Pre-accredited Quality Framework 

  • Using the Australian Core Skills Framework 

  • Trauma-informed practice and addressing learning difficulties 

  • Maximising your impact for adults with low literacy and numeracy. 

For further information please contact ACEVic

ALNPP Professional Learning Network

All participants who have completed the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Practitioner Program (ALNPP) are invited to join the ALNPP Professional Learning Network (ALNPP PLN).

The ALNPP PLN connects pre-accredited adult literacy and numeracy practitioners via a platform where they network and collaborate with colleagues by sharing resources and learnings as well as engage in further literacy and numeracy professional development.

For further information please contact ACEVic

ALNPP Koorie Unit

The ALNPP Koorie module is a self-directed  five hour online professional development program for pre-accredited educators who have completed the ALNPP.

The module was developed in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc (VAEAI) to support Koorie learners in ACFE programs.

For further information please contact ACEVic

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