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September Snapshot

  • Met with DET Training Market Services for a shared conversation on current opportunities and challenges faced by LL RTOs.

  • ACEVic delivered a fabulous Executive Exchange session for managers on Delivering Training in Thin Markets. Big thank you to Nathan Isles Training Manager WDEA Works and Liz Bonner CEO Cloverdale Community Centre for sharing their innovative and collaborative approaches.

  • On behalf of DET, ACEVic facilitated four webinars for all Learn Local providers on the new Pre-accredited Software Support grant and software options that meet learner and organisational needs.

  • Along with the campaign group and NHVic we have been busy supporting providers to campaign their local politicians in preparation for the State election.

  • In partnership with ALA, we have a new schedule of events for the ALNPP Professional Learning Network. Lots of exciting PD opportunities. Contact Tamsin for more information.

  • In partnership with ALA, ACEVic has developed an online pre-accredited teacher induction module. Stayed tuned for further information on how to pilot the module at your Learn Local.

  • The closing date for applications for the MEGT scholarship for women with barriers to participation in education in SW Victorian Learn Local providers has been extended until the end of September. Scholarships are available up to $20,000 for eligible women in the SW region.

  • ACEVic warmly welcomes Keir Paterson to his new role as CEO of Neighbourhood Houses Victoria. We look forward to working with Keir and to continued collaboration with NHVic.

  • ACEVic has been meeting with members 1:1 to hear opportunities, challenges and provide support, in particular in relation to the advocacy of the sector in preparation of the upcoming State election.

  • ACEVic has been meeting with members 1:1 to hear opportunities and challenges and provide support. Reach out to Tamsin if you would like to set up a meeting at

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